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Taiwan CNC machinery introduced equipment diagnosis method

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Mechanical equipment diagnosis technology belong to the category of information theory, it includes signal and acquisition, signal processing and analysis, data processing and state identification (including judgment and forecast) three basic link. However. Information technology is not equal to the diagnosis. Personnel engaged in equipment diagnosis technology must be knowledge about the working mechanism of equipment and parts, and used to on the knowledge of diagnosis and the analysis of equipment or system.

Emergence of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis theory and method, this paper discusses research workers have continuously, were carried out in cooperation with the corresponding unit practice research and validation. Made great progress and significant effect.

The commonly used diagnostic techniques are as follows:

(1) the vibration diagnosis;

By mechanical vibration, shock, mechanical admittance to modal parameters and test objectives.

Vibration monitoring is an ideal means of early fault alarm, the machine because the machine fault mostly embodies in the increase of the vibration. According to statistics, caused by vibration machine fault types mainly include: rotor imbalance (about 40%), in the wrong (about 15%), bearing damage (about 15%) and belt damage (about 15%). Continuous monitoring the vibration of the machine, the analysis of the vibration signals of the machine, so as to analyze whether the machine has fault, according to the signal spectrum analysis of parts, the cause of abnormal vibration. In most cases, the vibration can be quite a long time before the machine damage reflect the problem of machine. For example, vibration monitoring can be much earlier than temperature monitoring to detect the machine faults that may occur.

So-called vibration diagnosis, is to the running of mechanical equipment or some kind of incentive to non-working systems, measuring its vibration response, analyzes all kinds of data which are obtained by measuring response processing, then the results comparing with set a standard in advance, and then judge the destruction of the system's internal structure, crack, loose open welding, wear, aging and all sorts of effects such as system of normal fault, to take corresponding countermeasures to eliminate the fault, to ensure the safe operation of the system. Vibration to determine the system input, to determine the properties of the system environment, such as looking for the source of vibration problem of research. At present, the vibration diagnosis has apex with all kinds of systems, such as all kinds of CNC machinery system, all kinds of mechanical system, all kinds of building structure and equality of the offshore oil production.

(2) the acoustics diagnosis

With noise (sound pressure and sound intensity), acoustic impedance, ultrasonic, acoustic emission detection target.

(3) temperature diagnosis

With temperature, temperature difference and temperature field, thermal image to detect targets.

(4) pollution in the diagnosis of

With leakage, residue, gas, liquid and solid particle composition to detect target.

(5) optical diagnosis

With brightness, light and various ray effect for detection of village.

(6) strength diagnosis

In force, shall, according to the torque force to detect targets.

(7) performance to diagnosis

In mechanical equipment of various key performance indicators to detect targets.

(8) pressure diagnosis

For pressure, differential pressure and pressure pulsation test objectives.

(9) diagnosis of electrical parameters

Such as current, voltage, resistance, power electrical and magnetic characteristics to detect target (including the steel wire rope in the detection of electromagnetic characteristics for detecting target).

(10) surface topography diagnosis.

At deformation, crack, class, pit, colour and lustre to detect target.


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