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Zhongshan nc equipment manufacturing enterprises rely on technology to expand the market space

Edit£º   Browse£º   Date£º2012-10-24

"In the past domestic nc equipment due to insufficient technology, get the favour of domestic enterprises, this part of the equipment is mainly rely on imports." Zhongshan honored chiao hsiung machinery industrial co., LTD. General manager said, now with the domestic equipment quality of ascension, the characteristics of the "bargain" got the favour of domestic business owners. "Labour is not much, production lot. At present, the city of many well-known numerical control equipment production enterprise day is "handsome". Zhongshan future strong precision machinery manufacturing co., LTD., managing director of wheat to wake, told reporters that the company more than 50 employees, has more than 10, technical personnel, their products in the domestic leading level, in the process of transformation and upgrading of industry, numerical control equipment manufacturing enterprises not only to help customers improve the production efficiency, and help them to broaden the market space.

S "the" font size than the "foreign" equipment more affordable

In the past, the high-end CNC technology and equipment production mainly concentrated in Switzerland and other developed countries. "If only depend on import equipment, domestic small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) is too much for sure." Chiao hsiung, says "ocean" equipment, on the one hand, staff training is not convenient, buy new equipment, the enterprise also need professional operation, if are all imported, mechanical failure, maintenance is not convenient; On the other hand, the cost of maintenance is too high. Chiao hsiung said, their businesses in huangpu town, now in southern China, huangpu, dongsheng many large household appliances enterprises such as would love to buy their automatic terminal machine. They sell the machine in addition to, and is also responsible for training of operators and customers together with the master can be sent to their factory free learning, until society, this is the enterprise to buy imported equipment is difficult to achieve. And machine one thousand out of the small problems, they'll send professionals to help solve, this customer on the use of numerical control equipment, less worrying a lot of heart. "Import numerical control equipment is relatively expensive in price." M wake said, their products, for example, the same kind of product abroad about five times higher than the imported equipment, expensive in different extent, restricted the domestic companies to buy and use the enthusiasm of the numerical control equipment. "Domestic nc equipment to improve competitiveness, need more work on quality." Chiao hsiung, said with CNC joint enterprises and universities, domestic nc equipment in the technical basic with foreign imports of equipment. With advantages in technology, plus prices down, orders for domestic nc enterprises is becoming more and more good. In future "double type high speed air covered yarn machine" as an example, specializing in the production of the textile machinery enterprise guangdong only a high-end equipment, domestic and its level is only one in jiangsu and zhejiang area, through the continuous development of software after the upgrade, after the equipment in the "core", has the lead in the world. Inexpensive let enterprise enthusiasm rising consumer numerical control equipment. Chiao hsiung said that despite the negative impact of the economic environment, but their business plans to increase more than 25% this year. M wake up strong, also said in the first half of this year sales good, everbright chung town a textile enterprise ordered them more than 10 covered yarn machine.

S a machine to replace more than 40 workers work

Ogilvy's bend technology at home and abroad, has a certain status. "Gree, midea, haier,... almost domestic brand of air conditioning is to use our CNC bending equipment." In zhongshan ogilvy & mather sen co., LTD., south headquarters, the company technical personnel led the reporter to introduce them in bend technology continuously introduce new products. The technical staff, pointing to a newly developed device tells a reporter, light the CNC pipe bending machine equipment companies will be able to save more than 40 workers. Combined pipe technology are mainly concentrated in Germany, Italy, but foreign companies can't afford to use these types of equipment. In the aspect of maintenance, for example, the Dutch this kind of equipment, send technical personnel to come over, light maintenance need at least 2000 yuan a day. Can't afford to consumption ", "affordable, this is the domestic enterprise in imported equipment concerns. In pipe bending technology, ogilvy, constantly enhance the level of intelligence, in addition to the establishment of provincial engineering center, also industry-university-institute cooperation with wuhan polytechnic university and other colleges and universities. Long Xiaobin, general manager of the company told reporters that they now 100% of tube bending technology to achieve the automation, the key is now not a single equipment to sell, but to provide enterprises with modular overall solution. Mechanization replace artificial has become the consensus of many enterprises. "Enterprises realized, by artificial light is no longer the reality, now hire is difficult, and some fine link, by artificial is can't do." Chiao hsiung told reporters in an example, the city has a large home appliance companies, one of the big production line needs to be more than 2000 people, and to use their series equipment, only dozens of workers to complete. Recently, the zhuhai successfully won the "nc generation" ShiFan declaration province. It is reported that since 2012, the provincial finance to set up special financial support of the demonstration project of 100 million yuan a year, guide local financial and social investment, key technology research for key support, the industry and regional demonstration and innovation and service system construction. Chiao hsiung say, you have the money to support and the linkage, nc equipment manufacturing enterprises and reliable technical nuclear "core competitiveness, achieve more intelligent, and" foreign "equipment market.


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