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Focusing on the 2011 national technology competition Tianjin institute of mechanical and electrical technology to give the woman a CNC millers champion

Edit:管理员   Browse:   Date:2011-09-26

We ・ tianjin window on June 29 (Reuters) : the henan opera has been innovating Chang Xiangyu MingDuan known who says women than men, the recent national vocational skills contest in again and again on Wednesday not to let a man. Society is widely believed that girls would not be suited to CNC, tianjin institute of mechanical and electrical technology Liu Jing, gave a flat denial "conclusion". She will CNC millers secondary vocational skill set of modern manufacturing technology competition first prize.

Liu Jing recalls, when enter oneself for an examination institute of mechanical and electrical technology to learn nc, first-year began to regret. "Don't know anything about major, even after this major is to do what all don't know." Under the lead of the teacher, she learned that the professional is the mainstream of modern manufacturing technology, through a stage of learning, Liu Jing mastered some skills in this work, can under the guidance of the teacher to complete parts processing, this let her have to learn.

At first heard technology good students have the opportunity to take part in the national contest, Liu Jing is not much interested. In her view, girls learn nc professional already very difficult, want to learn good, also take part in the national contest, that seems so far away from oneself.

Until one day, the numerical control millers contest coach chun-qiang li to pick players, Liu Jing student teacher recommended her to coach li. Liu Jing said she felt that she was a little girl, and later than others in the team, drop so much, how can you compete with others?

Start training, Liu Jing special slack, not good to practice every day, lee coach asked her why, she said: "what's the use? I fought them, how could a girl is poor too much!" Miss li immediately dismissed her: "the girl what's wrong, Shanghai has a female teacher ZhuangYu, took the CNC millers national championship, she can do it, you can do it, as long as you work well, I have confidence in your imaging her champion."

The coach's words let li Liu Jing thoughts racing, she thought of her home schooling is not easy, think of the teacher recommended himself to participate in competition of well-meaning, thought of li coach for his patient guidance... "Can't can't continue like this, failed to live up to those concerned with their own people, training opportunity not everyone some, since I'm here, I have to make." Sure enough, everything comes to him who waits, Liu Jing in tianjin skills contest, got the first place, into the national vocational skills contest the tianjin team.

Workout is still in tianjin institute of mechanical and electrical technology, instructors or chun-qiang li, reassure Liu Jing familiar surroundings and coach. But then miss li notice said: "this game to use the numerical control system in guangzhou." This let Liu Jing received: "never come into contact with, but how to get to the game?" Late training, she is always absent-minded, always make mistakes, after Mr Li understands why tell her: "now the public exam is not good, after the game is empty talk, security training, the first system I come to think of some way to".

Here, Liu Jing attended the fourth national nc in foshan, guangdong skills contest, only 21,. Miss li encouraged her, "don't lose heart, don't give up, keep on practicing, sure no problem." During winter vacation, miss li contacted for her internship, let her have more opportunities to learn technology, accumulation of experience.

Accumulation, for a long time makes Liu Jing obtained rich experience, she is gaining momentum. In 2011 the national vocational skills contest secondary vocational skills competition, the group of modern manufacturing technology Liu Jing finally broken cocoon into a butterfly, won the first prize. This is the only one in four consecutive annual contest won the first prize in numerical control technology group of female athletes. The meeting, when the host announced the winners, Liu Jing tears of joy, the effort and hard work, finally harvest success today.

Liu Jing said: "the first prize is not an end, but rather the beginning of the work. I am confident that I can become better." (Li Jinjun Wang Wan)


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