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Huazhong CNC in the 11th China international machinery and electronic products exhibition

Edit:管理员   Browse:   Date:2011-10-24

On Sept. 23-26, by the People's Republic of China ministry of commerce, China council for the promotion of international trade, the people's government of Shanxi Province, hunan province, henan and hubei province people's government of the people's government of the people's government hosted the 11th China international machinery and electronic products exposition was held at wuhan international convention &exhibition center. Organization led by wuhan east lake development zone management committee of wuhan east lake national independent innovation demonstration zone space-unit, huazhong CNC, as one of the independent innovation demonstration enterprises, with south China university of technology science and technology, south China university of technology, laser, gold infrared enterprises took part in this exhibition.

A batch has full intellectual property rights of domestic especially high-tech enterprises in hubei at the expo. According to the organizing committee, there are more than 100000 viewers to visit the expo, including professional audiences of more than 40000 people. The products site turnover reached 560 million yuan, including: machine tools exhibition 390 million yuan.

During the exhibition, huazhong CNC shows including huazhong HNC - 8 series digital fieldbus type CNC system, the century star HNC - 210 series of high-grade CNC system and high-grade CNC system based on homemade CPU and a series of products. A number of well-known galleries in addition, the machine tool, CNC machine tool manufacturers, shows the huazhong numerical control system of machine tool products, including: shandong southern machine tool plant production of huazhong HNC - 210 - b XHC715 vertical machining centers, CNC system with central China HNC - 21 XK7145A vertical machining center CNC system; Jiangnan ding sheng CNC with huazhong HNC - 21 VMC650 vertical machining center CNC system; Hubei new poetic nc HNC - 21 SYCK6140 CNC lathe CNC system, with central China HNC - 18 ZK5150B nc drilling and milling machine of numerical control system. During the meeting, with huazhong numerical control system of machine tool products received extensive attention of attending the people from all walks of life, trading volume.


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