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Beijing mechanical and electrical group exhibited the first high-end CNC universal grinding machine tool

Edit:管理员   Browse:   Date:2011-10-24

Recently learned that shall be borne by wuhan heavy duty machine tool group co., LTD. 863 - propeller with heavy seven axis five linkage car milling compound machining machine project in zhenjiang, jiangsu province through the identification, not only greatly improve the overall propeller type surface machining precision and machining efficiency, realize the propeller foliar overlay and the overlay, the blade contour and the hub hole processing area such as comprehensive precision milling machining, and the advantage of the characteristics of car milling compound, a clamping plane processing, solved the difficult problem of large solid screw machining, reached the international advanced level.

"Propeller with heavy seven axis five linkage milling complex machine" project is borne by Wu Chong group, huazhong university of science and technology co., LTD., zhenjiang China wartsila propeller in common.

It is understood that the project promoted the technical level and international competitiveness of China heavy machine tool, to break the machine tool's long-term dependence on China for western countries, the lot production of domestic equipment, for the Chinese industry to create more economic benefits and social benefits.


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